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Atomic Orbital Learning Object

This is a (mostly) functional version of a learning object.  A learning object is a tool used to teach a small part of a lesson; in this case, electronic configurations in atoms.  The development of this tool was supported by Dane Districts Online (DDO).  Unfortunately, DDO is now a non-functioning collaboration.  It was trying to create a repository of such learning objects, but lost funding.  A second bummer is that this file was created in a really old version of Adobe Flash.  So, the file you see to the right is not entirely complete.  I was able to use a conversion utility to get the .swf file into HTML5, but part of the activity was lost in translation.  Nevertheless, this is one of my first (and probably most sophisitcated and best) work to create a digital tool for deep, non-linear, explorative learning.  It is one of my most favorite tools to use in class (works GREAT on a SMARTBoard!).  And it is a memorable and useful experience for my students.  Hope you like it!


In order to access this activity, download the file (javascript must be enabled).


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