Thoughts and Tools

Exploring Belt-Driven Motion

This is a (mostly) functional version of a learning object.  A learning object is a tool used to teach a small part of a lesson; in this case, the relationships between the speeds of gears and a point on a belt.  I really like letting students explore the different angular and linear velocities with this activity.  It was also pretty challenging to figure out how to do the programming!  Lot's of trig and algebra went into the code, so it leaves me feeling pretty satisfied when I see students learning with it.


In order to access this activity, you'll need to download the file (javascript must be enabled).  This file was created in a really old version of Adobe Flash.  So, the file you see to the right may not work completely correctly.  I was able to use a conversion utility to get the .swf file into HTML5, but the conversion isn't perfect.  It may also take a bit of time to fully load, but it seems to work on Chrome and IE.

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