Thoughts and Tools

Influence and Change


Four faculty members (out of 13 middle and high school faculty) will use mobile technologies for a component of their lessons, each on average five times a month by December 2016. 


Two high quality flipped lessons will be created by ALCS faculty by June 1st, 2016.


Goal Clarification:

I want to see teachers incorporate mobile technologies in the classroom setting to increase their effectiveness in teaching and leading discussion.  While our school has been an eager adopter of Smart-Board technologies in the classroom, the use of mobile technologies is currently unexplored territory.  Since educators should be interested in leveraging any means available for engaging our students, we need to actively evaluate these tools and their related pedagogies.  Ultimately, most faculty members should find positive ways to use mobile technologies in each of their classes and proactively act to adopt those best practices.  This will be a slower, incremental process as mindsets and technical barriers are crossed.


I also want to see faculty actively evaluate the possibilities of Flipped lessons for their classes and adopt this methodology when appropriate.  Since not all lessons or all materials are best taught in a flipped style, faculty should become aware of the limits and benefits of this method.  Ideally, each faculty member should plan and execute a flipped lesson to best evaluate its potential. 


I aim to clear the path of creating flipped online presentations by creating studio space for our school and breaking ground by doing it first.  I also have a colleague who is an early adopter.  She is excited to learn along with me in this new endeavor.  I also have an LMC manager who has over 12 years of video production experience that is willing to consult with me and help me in the process.


Goal Metrics:

I will evaluate my own lesson plans to determine the frequency and breadth of flipped and BYOD lessons.  As more faculty become involved, their lesson plans or feedback will help me understand the adoption process.  Since no one is doing any of my goals at this time, it should be easy to know when things change.


Goal Scope—Personnel:

I will be the primary initiator and executor of these goals.  But as time progresses, an increasing number of secondary faculty will become involved.  Eventually, I hope to see change happen in my entire district (around 50 faculty total). 


Goal Vital Behaviors:

  1. Teachers begin targeting apps for use in BYOD lessons by exploring, evaluating, and testing them.
  2. Teachers begin creating resources for flipped lessons by identifying appropriate online content libraries and lessons or by actually creating video content.
  3. Teachers plan BYOD or Flipped activities during lesson planning.
  4. Teachers have shared experiences with BYOD or Flipped lessons in PD/in-service time.
  5. Teachers share their personal experiences with BYOD or Flipped lessons with each other.
  6. Teachers attend professional conferences or seminars related to BYOD or Flipped classrooms.

Goal-based Influence Matrix:





  • Faculty hear and share their personal ‘whys’.
  • Faculty experience BYOD and flipped lessons in lab settings. 
  • Faculty share their own success stories using BYOD lessons.
  • Faculty receive professional development and training on new apps
  • Faculty receive PD on lesson plan models for flipped classrooms and BYOD modules.


  • Faculty start working with other colleagues to build momentum.
  • Personally encourage others to try new things.
  • Administration can praise adventure and creativity.
  • Work with on-campus video expert to avoid pitfalls and learn videography skills.
  • Be available to help others work on their new ideas.


  • Request administration to put BYOD or Flipped lessons into PD requirements for the year. 
  • Have admin provide (or do so personally) PD during in-services.
  • Create a mini-competition for developing new lesson ideas.
  • Create a miniature recording studio to facilitate video production. 
  • Gain financial support from administration for signing up to new apps with nominal subscription fees.


Curtis White, M.S., M.C.E.
High School Faculty
Math, Science, Bible & Computers
Abundant Life Christian School
A Madison Christian School